Router Installation with Adachi

The introduction of wireless networks allows for greater coverage in a surrounding area. In a sense, users are no longer restricted to operating in a single spot; instead they are free to roam around the area without suffering from loss of network connection.  In addition, two or more users can share the same network at the same time, eliminating the need for additional wires. This new technology is commonly called ‘Wi-Fi’ and can be installed anywhere, from homes to public places like schools, restaurants and sports stadiums to libraries, banks and lounges.

At Adachi Computech Solutions, they can help you install a wireless network at a low cost, which gives you greater freedom and leeway to perform your tasks anywhere, as long as the network is connected.  Well-trained technicians are available to assist you in the installation, configuration and maintenance of your wireless network.

Services Offered

Adachi Computech technicians are available 24 hours every day. Each technician is trained by the Adachi staff to ensure high-quality service and commitment to you. You may either contact an available technician through phone or online to help you on the variety of services Adachi offers.

For router installation, there are services that will help you install your desired wireless network, from assessment, installation, connection and configuration to troubleshooting, each service caters to your wireless connectivity needs. To help you start installing your network connection, you need the latest Windows software (preferably 7, but other recent models also included), a wireless router, additional cables, and a high-speed internet connection. From there, the assigned technician will help you install, connect and support your wireless internet connection.

Major Benefits

One of the keys in the customer service approach of Adachi Computech Solutions is that the technicians work remotely with you, without any interruption or downtime that may affect your other tasks. This ensures you a smooth, uninterrupted flow in installation, repair, technical assistance and configuration.

Some of the benefits regarding the installation and maintenance of your wireless network include its low cost for installation and management of the network, wider access to a centralized printer, high-speed connection to your local area network, and freedom of movement while not restricting network and internet connectivity. That way, you can save time, money and space while working on a particular task. Now you can connect your computer to the world through high-speed wireless networking setup, with the help of Adachi technicians.