Protect Your Company with Firewall Management

With the advancement in technology today, it only takes a few codes and a number of clicks from a computer to hack into a system. This is a threat that could happen to any companies, both small and big, anytime. Thus, if you want to protect your files from being accessed by people who wish to ruin your system or steal information from your company, installing a firewall security is a must.

But how does firewall management work? Basically, there are two ways to configure a firewall; one is a default-deny policy while the other one is a default-allow policy. On the first configuration, the administrator of the firewall will list all the network services that are allowed by the company while also listing the ones that are denied access. On the other hand, the second policy is when the firewall administrator lists the files that are not allowed while all the networks that are not on the list are accepted. Between these two, the default-deny approach is more secured but because of its difficulty in being managed and configured, many companies use the default-allow approach instead.

If you do not want, however, to bother with setting up your own firewall and failing at it, there are IT companies that offer remote firewall management services. One of these is the Adachi Computech Solutions.


Firewall Management

Among the many services offered by Adachi Computech Solutoins is the firewall management. They have a team of trained IT personnel who can help you determine which of the two approaches is better for your company. Of course, this will need to be discussed in detail and you can call them on their phone number to schedule an appointment. When you call them, it is best that you write some of the questions that you want to ask in order to not forget them. In this way, you will understand more of what they are about in terms of their services and as a company in general.


Remote Service

Adachi Computech Solutions offer remote support services. Whenever you have questions or problems, all you need to do is to give them a call and they will find solutions to your dilemmas. This is very ideal to people who do not have enough space in the office to house a team of IT personnel. Moreover, this kind of service is also not costly because you only pay for what you need. Hence, if you do not have a need for a certain service, then you do not pay for it.