7 Basic SEO Techniques

Optimizing Your Web Page Using Effective SEO Tactics

Let us see some basic SEO techniques all webmasters must know. This article contains the best SEO techniques which are used to enhance the rankings of your website in the search engines.

 Optimize your title tags

Every page on your website should have unique title tags, please note that all title tags are not equally created. A good title tag should be:

  • Less than 70 characters ( including spaces )
  • As captivating as well as informative enough for users to click through to your page.

The title tags must include your company’s brand name and both product- or service-related keywords.

Create intriguing Meta descriptions

Meta description must be included in a customized way on sections of every page along with the title tags. This should be no longer than 150-160 words and must have at least one mention of your page’s target keyword phrase.

Use keyword-rich headings

The keywords are not only required in the title tags and Meta descriptions but throughout the content of your page. In order to increase your overall SEO value these include another heading tag containing your target keyword phrases in your content.

Add ALT tags to your images

Don’t forget to add ALT tags if you intend to add images to your web pages. The content should be brief yet have keywords in it in order to increase your rating. However, make sure you don’t stuff your ALT tag full of target keywords, they should be able to describe the images clearly.

 Create a sitemap

The spiders index the content of new websites or new content to the existing sites. To facilitate the easy movement of spiders, site map must be created. Sitemap is a page with all the links to other pages in your site. You can yourself create a sitemap if your website is small or there are many automated tools that can create these pages for you.

Build internal links between pages

Creating internal links between pages will help the spiders to catalogue all your site’s pages. For instance, you can add text links to any of your page on the home page instead of adding them in the navigation bar.  By doing this, you will not only get a major SEO boost but finding information will be lot easier.

Update your site on a daily basis

Last but definitely not the lease, your website must be updated regularly. Search engines look out for latest information so by updating your website periodically will not only make our website up to date but with the inclusion of keywords your rating will get better.