Adachi Provides Specialized Boutique Technical Support Services

Online Support Is Affordable and Just Flat-out Easier to Deal With

Not very many people realize that technical support can be administered in both an efficient way over the internet, and in a cost effective way. Many small specialized businesses, such as independent law practices and medical practitioners, tend to feel like adequate technical support is too expensive for their size of company and organization. But the fact of the matter is this: online support is affordable, and it’s often more effective.

Think of it this way: the scores of people that download music today—legally or not—do so not necessarily because of any cost savings, but because it’s efficient: it’s easy: it’s instant gratification and appeasement.

This is the dynamic that’s in play with online support: you get to the heart of the problem right away, and often, on an as-need basis.

Our services overview lists a number of offerings that can be considered “as needed.” For instance, you can purchase an hour of over-the-phone technical support at just $99 an hour. For a business, this “on demand” fee structure is ideal; there isn’t a monthly charge to incur, in case you feel you wouldn’t always full-out technical support this regularly.

Quick and Easy Services to Complicated Problems

You may not realize this because of how simple (minimalist) webpage and software interface designs are these days (in vogue), but there’s a great deal of complexity that goes into some of the most simple transactions. A simple “like” on a social network, for example, is tracked in a multitude of ways, almost instantaneously.

For instance, cloud-based storage solutions are all the rave, as of late; everybody wants to back their files up to the “cloud,” but when something goes terribly wrong, because all of that complexity is hidden from the user, the user’s left absolutely helpless and clueless about where to turn, what to do, and what possible solutions or options there might be.

This is where we believe Adachi differentiates itself. Adachi provides a cloud storage and backup solution, but because we’re a boutique operation (as opposed to a “big box”), you know that we’ll be able to address your needs and concerns, as an individual customer. This just isn’t possible with any of the bigger companies that are in this space. In fact, many of the bigger companies, surprisingly enough, don’t offer any recourse for customer feedback or support—at all. [We won’t name names.]

For an overview of what we offer in the online backup arena, check out our Managed Online Data Backup services page.


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