An Introduction to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Latest Android Operating System- Features of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Presently, Google has released almost 95 update features in the currently used android operating system which is known as 4.3 Jelly Bean. This article is going to discuss some of the main new features and updates which have been done in this operating system of android devices recently.

Understanding of the Updated Features of Android OS:

Google has released the most useful feature in the 4.3 OS of Android. One of the main features creates restrictions on the user profiles. It means that the user can manage the processes of all the applications installed in the Android devices. Each user will be able to know how each of the application is working out. This way, the user will know the limitations of the usage of android applications.

An exceptional feature has been added for gamers as well. With the incorporation of Open GL ES 3.0, gamers will be able to enjoy their games on Android devices with outstanding and brilliant graphics. The 3D displays will become more realistic with the help of this amazing feature. It has been heard that the feature of NVIDIA and Tegra 4 will be seen together in the upcoming 4.3 OS in Androids. This literally means that the gamers are going to have real fun while playing their favourite games on Android devices.

Another excellent feature is the incorporation of Bluetooth enables smartwatches. With the incorporation of this feature, your android device can now connect with all those devices which have Bluetooth enables smartwatches in them. More improvement is required on the features of these android operating systems though.

The systems of DRM and APIs have also been greatly improved by Google in the updated features of Android operating system. In order to integrate licensing and provisioning, Google has tried to improve the features of DRM for the users of Android mobile devices.

In addition, the system of notifications in the status bar has also been eked in the new operating system of Androids. You can receive all the data notifications on the status bar of your android devices if you have permitted your applications to do so. We all need to be notified of new data feed immediately and this feature is going to help us a lot in the respective case.

All in all, the features of new Android operating system have been greatly enhanced by the developers. With these improved features, users can now enjoy new applications in their Android mobile devices.