And the Green Man Offers

Even though the competition is fierce among Android and Apple, one of the top reasons Android beats out Apple usually starts with ‘free’ and ends in ‘app’ The Android market and the updated Google Play  are loaded with free apps.  Here are just a few of the top freebies:


Although Twitter itself is a hot stuff, it seems Seesmic, maybe even hotter. Seesmic has a sleek design and collaborates Tweets with status updates. Twitter and Facebook in one place are one of the most epic ideas that have been conjured. You can share videos, photos, and statuses in an instant and simultaneously. Your social worlds right there in one app.


Facebook for Android is huge. Even though it is not everything that is Facebook, it still allows real-time communication to happen, instant status updates, and news-feed access. Facebook for Android is simple and fast. You can send and receive messages, and of course hit the like button to your heart’s content.

National Rail Inquiries

This app allows you to check arrival times, plan a trip, and even notifies you of any delays. It makes catching the train after work so much easier, especially if your schedule is never the same. You can enter in a train station for your “home” location and you can enter in a train station for your “work” location. This allows you to simply click “get me home” and the next available times will come up for the next trains.


Hotmail has finally created an app specifically for them. The app allows you to receive push-notifications, write emails, as well as manage multiple Hotmail accounts. It is now being called the Outlook App since Microsoft is making changes. It is simple and understandable. And having your email at your fingertips is priceless.

Google Sky Map

One word: amazing! Google sky map is one of the most downloaded applications . Other than the fact that it is free, it is super cool. Hold your phone up to the sky and it will tell you what constellations are above you. It will also tell you if there is a planet there or if there is a UFO. As you move your phone along the sky, it updates in real time. So as you walk, it moves as well. Whatever you are looking at in the sky is what your phone is showing you as well.


With the Google brand holding its hand, Foursquare is seamless on its Android app. Check-ins take one click, thanks to the help of integrated Google Maps. You can learn where you are and everything about where you are going, in just a couple of clicks.

Even though there are thousands of free apps for Android, those are just a few of the most common. If you have not downloaded them yet, you probably should now.