Android: Challenges to be Faced While Creating Applications

Some Considerations to be Pondered While Creating Android Applications

Most of the business diverted their attention towards apps when iOS started taking momentum in the market. Soon after the launch of iPhones, the number of latest android applications started growing over a period of time. Almost every business started creating an application for the support of their business.

This article is going to provide you with some relevant knowledge regarding the challenges which have to be faced by businesses while creating their apps. You will be having a clear understanding of decisions that have to be made by app designers.


An app designer must think of the scalability factor while creating an app for a business. Creating an application for a specific screen size is easier as compared to creating it for different screen sizes and devices. It is suggested that android app designers must create scalability between all the components of the device in order to let it work out perfectly on all kinds of android devices.

Give an Android Look to Your App!

The outlook of an app must not be foreign to the users. Always provide such an outlook to your android application which does not seen strange to the user if he is using it on any other platform. Keep all the patterns of an app same for all the platforms otherwise it might make the user unhappy. Always keep the tabs on the top of your application in order to make the application easier to be used on large screen sizes. Navigation must also be standardized so that users can navigate easily.


An application designer must know how to integrate an application with another application. The process is called as intent. If you have registered your application to receive intent from another application, then it must show the kind of applications it can handle. In addition, there must be a sharing mechanism on your android app if you want to share something on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. Users can easily share images and videos by using this integration mechanism on the Android devices.


Always maintain the quality of mobile application that you are creating. In order to test its working, you have to check it on variant mobile sizes and screens. If it is giving out the same result on all the platforms and all the Android devices, then it is working in a fine and a better way.

Besides these, there are a lot of other challenges that have to be faced by an app designer while creating a business supportive app. The above explained factors have to be considered the most though.