Anti-viruses Of 2013

The Most protective software: Anti-viruses Of 2013

 Anti-viruses Of 2013
Anti-viruses Of 2013

“Antivirus” is protective software designed to defend your computer against malicious software. Malicious software or “malware” includes: viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, hijackers, dialers, and other code that vandalizes or steals your computer contents. In order to be an effective defense, your antivirus software needs to run in the background at all times, and should be kept updated so it recognizes new versions of malicious software. Keeping in the prospects of windows 8, these days new and better softwares are designed. Such software are designed to be compatible to the new operating system. All the anti-viruses are updated every year.

Top 5 anti-viruses:

Following are the top 5 anti-viruses of 2013. However all the upcoming anti-viruses are considered to be better than these. But in a nut shell, all these anti-viruses were the preference of people on a large scale.

Kaspersky Anti – Virus 2013– Clearly one of the best softwares available, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 edition has a number of new and attractive features from its previous 2012 version. The software is equipped with an amazing malware detection feature and also has great cleanup rates. There is a constant flow of updating the program for threats making sure that even the latest dangers would be covered for. It has the facility of blocking unwanted programs and fixing various problems. As it is user friendly people especially beginners use this software.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Anti – Virus 2013 -This product is not very popular but it does stand in the list of the top 5. This product is known to be clocked at less than 3 MB with a total space of 15 MB. The features of malware detection and the cleanup rates are at a new high. This software is designed as an incredibly unique system that uses a remote server to store thereby not burdening the user’s computer. The scanning process is amazingly quick, completing even the scans for hard drives within a few minutes. The fast speed of workings makes it stand in the top 5 list.

Bit Defender Antivirus Plus 2013 -This product is well recognized and is known to have a great record with malware detection and cleanup rates. Among the antivirus softwares that are on the list, this particular one is a little heavy on the resources, as it takes up 850 MB space. Keeping the space aside, this software has some amazing features for protection and furthermore, it has been found that the Rescue Mode of this product is absolutely great. It has a good set of bonus characteristics and also has a check for poor or vulnerable passwords, offering suggestions and fixing the many possible problems. Due to its efficient working it is rated as one of the anti-virus softwares.

AVG Anti – Virus 2013 -Those who have been using AVG products would find this edition to have many changes and new attractive features. Holding a brand new look, the AVG Anti-Virus 2013 version stands firmly as one of the best antivirus softwares for detecting malware. The program also has a better firewall set up. It has been seen that this software would be difficult to install into those computers that are already affected with malware. So it is important to clean it up and make sure that the system is safe before installing this software.

Norton Anti-Virus 2013 -With the 2011 version, Norton Anti-Virus has seen constant growth and advancement. And so, the 2013 version would provide protection in an all new level. With the fresh look, this product has some good and improved features and is known to provide almost 100% detection of malware. However Norton anti-virus was considered to be the best for many years. It stayed at the top of the ratings for a longer while.

Viruses are the most well known computer attackers, and they can do all sorts of damage. There are many types of viruses that each have the ability to compromise PCs in different ways. Most typically, users acquire a virus by downloading questionable files that are falsely presented as other things in an email scam, or by visiting a phishing website. Thud using an anti-virus is the best way.  All these softwares are easily available. Using either one of them will be helpful for the user. Protection of the system from bugs will be a great help for the user and for the computer.