Antivirus Applications For Androids In 2013

New Antivirus Applications For Android Device Users This Year

Do you want to install antivirus software in your Android device or Tablet? This article is going to give a review of the latest antivirus applications for android devices in 2013. You can definitely choose the best antivirus app for your device by reading this review.

Review of Latest Antivirus Software for Android:

Out of hundreds of antivirus solutions out there, here are the best five apps which would suit your android devices:

AVG Free Antivirus:

AVG is considered the best security app for android users because it contains the most exceptional features among all. It provides a perfect security to all kinds of applications and software installed in your android device. Protection of your text messages, contacts and galleries is ensured with the help of its safety features. You can easily find your mobile device when it is lost and stolen with the help of this antivirus program. You can easily wipe off the memory of your android device within no time. AVG is free antivirus software for androids and it provides an outstanding security to your android device with great reliability.


Avast is one of the most exceptionally used antivirus programs in computers. However, its application has been developed for android users as well. Now, android users can easily and reliably protect their personal information and details by installing this amazing software in their devices. It scans each website you visit and then protects your mobile device from malicious viruses which might attack your software. It has anti-theft feature as well which helps you in finding out your phone in case is stolen or lost.

Lookout Security and Antivirus:

This software has free as well as premium version as well. You can enjoy most of its features for free, but in order to install all the components and features, you will have to purchase this application. It has a perfect feature of anti theft in it and locks down your phone with reliable safety and security. Once you have installed this application in your device, you would not have to worry about the safety of your text messages, pictures, contacts and other detailed information you have saved in your android device. In short, it is a brilliant program having the best safety features for all android devices.

Variant antivirus programs and applications have been developed over a period of time, but the above reviewed software is considered the most reliable among all. You can surely use one of them for your android device’s safety and security.