Antivirus Software Programs

Antivirus Software Programs – How are they Implemented?

Antivirus Software Programs
Antivirus Software Programs

Viruses have become a well known term in the world of technology. Several strategies have been developed which can remove viruses from the computing machines within no time. Antivirus programs are best known for the purpose. We all are aware of the fact that we must have antivirus software in our computers in order to get rid of the spam and virus files which can harm our data stored in there. This piece of writing is going to discuss the implementation and functioning of this antivirus software.

How does Antivirus Software accomplish the Goals?

There are two basic ways of how these kinds of software work. One way is by utilizing a virus dictionary for finding out the harmed files from the computer. The other is to identify the working of a malicious file which is likely to infect the computer.

The Virus Dictionary Approach incorporates the use of a virus dictionary which is written by the software designer. If the dictionary identifies a harmed file and it matches with any virus in the dictionary created by the designer, then it either deletes the harmed file, or repairs it by using its own ways or else it tries to stop it from spreading all over the computer. In other words, this technique stops the virus from affecting the other files of the computer system.

The virus dictionaries need to be updated over a period of time. As soon as virus detectors working on the internet find a new virus, they inform the software designers about the virus, who then adds its name in the dictionary.

The other approach is known as suspicious way approach, in which the software tries to read all the programs present in the computer system. It scans all the files and then finds out if all of them are working in a proper way or not. If any file is found suspicious, then it is identified and cleared by the antivirus program. The advantage of this software is that it identifies all kinds of viruses; either they are brand new or old. However, the technique has become too old and more ways are required to clean out the viruses from computer systems.

It would be great for the end-users to collect considerable information regarding an antivirus program and then download it; otherwise, it causes the computer system to slow down a bit. Also, the end-users need to get educated about the programs they download as downloading any other program from the Internet paves the way for viruses to create havoc in their computer system. Moreover, Microsoft outlook designers need to work on the flaws of their security system which can probably protect the computers from acquiring viruses from the internet.

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