Antivirus Software: Why Should’nt We Need It?

Why Does One Need to Download Antivirus Software

Companies selling antivirus programs adopt various strategies to sell them. As they have to sell them at any cost; therefore, they write blogs on how dangerous the viruses are and why they need to be removed and how their antivirus software can help them out in keeping their operating systems safe and secure.

However, this is not the deal in actual! By reading this piece of writing, you are going to get to know why you actually do not need installing antivirus programs in your computer system.

Why There Isn’t any Need of Installing Antivirus Programs?

No computing environment is safe enough to be used. Every day, millions of computer systems get deteriorated due to the attack of viruses. Every operating system is vulnerable to attacks and this is what proves beneficial for the malware writers. However, if reliable and authentic windows are installed by the user, then the virus is less likely to attack the operating system.

Viruses usually get downloaded because people visit porn websites and other website more frequently. However, they do get downloaded when other useful websites are being visited too. Seemingly innocent websites lead to the attack of virus on your computer too. So, a good behaviour on your part is not enough to protect your computer from viruses.

It is believed by most of the experts that no antivirus program is perfect. Although they show to scan all the detected malware perfectly; however, they do not actually do so. Considering them as perfect to clean out your computer would be a deceit to you. The antivirus software is considered as a layered strategy because they do not provide 100% perfect results of viral scanning.

Another reason why antivirus software is not useful to your operating system is that some of the malware are downloaded voluntarily by you. Social engineering is the main source of virus attacks and spam downloading in your computer. These programs are downloaded and they hide in your computer and then send spam automatically. Computer safety software would do no good in this regard.

Also, most of us think that the virus only attacks the windows. However, there are certain programs like Java, Adobe Flash and Reader and Microsoft office too. The antivirus just takes the windows into concentration however, these important programs need to be scanned too as they are vulnerable to the attacks too.

For avoiding using the antivirus program for computer’s protection, you need to adopt various careful strategies and you would no longer require using these programs for protecting your computers from attacks.