Are Doorway Pages still Effective in SEO

Search Engine Optimization-Are Doorway Pages still Effective?

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Technology has progressed to a great level these days and so have the search engine optimization techniques. Before Google came into the scene, doorway pages were used as the most effectual technique for search engine optimization. Google utilizes links to connect them with the pages; however, just previously, doorway pages were utilized for SEO methods which did not incorporate the use of links. The reason is that achievement of higher rankings in the search engines was easily possible.

What are Doorway Pages?

As explained above, Doorway pages were used before Google came into existence. Doorway pages were used as a significant way of optimizing web pages to get higher rankings in the search engines. Visitors used to click on these doorway pages’ listings which were available in the search engines, which used to land them on a certain web page. These were created on the basis of specific search terms which the users usually look for. On the basis of these key search terms, surfers used to click on their desired listing of web page in the search engines.

Besides this, doorway pages can be created for some particular and specific search terms. In addition, some specific web pages can also be optimized with the help of doorway pages considering the use of specific key search term. Moreover, the web designer can select a web page out of the website and then optimize it in such a way that it becomes the doorway page of that particular website. This can aid the website in winning a higher ranking in the search engines.

The question is, is this method of doorway pages still effective? The answer is right here! No! It is not effective these days. The reason is that, previously all the websites used to be ranked on the basis of the content they incorporated inside them. The page which had the best content among all the pages, used to get the top rank in search engines. These days, the factors have enhanced and many other elements have come into consideration. Now, inbound link, outbound link, website design, and several other factors are considered mandatory to be present in a good amount in the website to get a better ranking in search engines. The technique of doorway pages only considered the content of a page, which has become quite a mild part of rankings.

The technique is not completely out of use as SEO Experts can do certain work on it and bring it into practice presently along with the use of other effective search engine optimization techniques.