Backing up, Securing, and Storing Your Data in the Cloud with Adachi

Keep Your Files Safe and Secure with Online Data Backup

Even the most advanced computer on the market has the probability of crashing down and losing all the precious files it holds in its memory. This is, after all, one of the tendencies of a computer. Thus, it is only natural for companies to constantly upgrade their system and to keep a vigilant eye on their servers for glitch and other technical problems to prevent any future crash downs from happening. One of the safety measures that company employs these days other than upgrading the system is the online data back up.

Simply put, online data backup is a service that is offered by IT companies to clients who need a system to back up their files and to have an extra storage of them. This is like having a remote room wherein a company can safely and securely keep their files without worrying of a crashing. Among the many businesses that provide this kind of service to customers is the Adachi Computech Solutions.

Always Have a Back-up

One of the main benefits to using the online data backup service of Adachi Computech Solutions is that you always have a back up, no matter what happens. It acts as an assurance that you will never lose any of your important files to technical problems.

Store Your Data Offsite

This is perhaps one important aspect of online data backup. Instead of storing the files in your office, like traditional files back-up, your data is stored at a remote location. Everyday, your files are backed up automatically outside of your office, ensuring that if ever your office gets caught in a fire or be submerged in a flood, your files are safe. This is also the same if your PC or laptop gets stolen by someone. You can be assured that you can always have your files back.

Restore Anytime

With the online data back up of Adachi Computech Solutions; you can restore your files at just a click from your computer. This is very helpful especially if you are in the office and you do not have the time to go out. Just connect your computer to the internet and you can start restoring your lost files.

Safe and Secure

Adachi Computech Solutions makes sure that your data is compressed and encrypted so no one unauthorized can access your files in any way. You can sleep better at night knowing that your data is protected by unbreakable algorithms.