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Best Android Applications

A lot of applications have been added in the Google Play store for all the android users. Humble Bundle 8 is out of the Google Play Store and Grand Theft Auto has paved way into the store for the Android lovers. It has been heard that Opera is creating a new browser too, named as Opera Max. It utilized less data for operating.

Google has revealed top 10 android applications this year, which was won by the Goole led services. This article contains information on the 5 best Android apps for this week.


Skype video calling application has been upgraded with latest features which includes an organizational feature with zooming out of letters and also include multitasking feature while chatting. You can download this application from Google Play Store for free. It would take up the size depending upon the device which you use. The OS which is used to operate this device is also dependant on the kind of device that you use.


Ingress is an online multiplayer game. It is a time augmented reality game and its recent version has been released for the users. The users can stroll around the town and hack the portals and can also make use of strategies for moving ahead. They can also form alliances and do various other things in the game as well. You can download the game from Google Play Store for free. It will take a size of 25 MB of your device. This application required Android 2.3 to operate.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:

This game is under its trending list due to the download numbers it has. This game is going to have a rough release in its beginning; however, Rockstar was rapid enough for releasing the patch of update. You can download it from Google Play Store for $6.99. You would require having a space of 2.4 GB in your phone for laying this game. Also, Android 3.0 will be required by it to operate.


This app has got its upgrades to version 4.0 recently. It has become official now. Collection of notification sounds, wallpapers and ringtones combine to form this app. You will find variant categories in wallpapers and ringtones.


Kindle app is observed to improve at a slow pace. The user interface and performance of this application have been improved to a great extent as well. The organizational features of this app give an easy access to the users to sort the books. You can download this amazing Android app from Google Play Store for free.