Business- Ten Essential Android Applications

Ten Important Android Applications for Businesses

Businesses have started relying greatly on android applications because of their enhanced popularity. In addition to checking the emails, various other business tasks have been shifted to Smartphone and tablets. It is usually difficult to find the right app for the right task; however, here are some latest and the most useful business android apps that are really going to provide you ultimate benefits from their use.

Pocket Cloud:

With the help of this useful business android app, you can get an easy access to your desktop or for your Android device or tablet. It lets you get connected to various devices at a time. The latest update features a new feature of “explore”, which helps you in finding and searching out your files which are saved in your computer system.

Auto Memory Manager:

While working in your computers, you can easily add more space in order to increase the storage devices. However, you can’t do this with your phone. If you have an Android device, then you can download this amazing app for increasing the memory of your android device and store your files in it.


With this amazing android app, you can create, share and view your power point presentations from your Android phone. This is a great business android app which lets you see your presentations easily.

Google Drive:

In order to save your data in cloud, you can use this excellent android app. It lets you save your files in the drive and provides storage capacity of up to 5 GB. You can also make use of the policies to restrict the people from viewing your files. This app is free of cost.


This is an amazing and the most useful android application which lets you view your word, power point or excel file on your android mobile or tablet.

Office Drop:

With the help of this excellent application, you can turn your Smartphone into a portable scanner of your files. When you drop the files in this application, it gets converted into PDF file and is saved on your phone immediately. You can search out all the documents that have been scanned by you on the cloud.


This is the most useful android application for all those businessmen who travel overseas and need to remain in touch with their workers and office meanwhile. By installing this amazing android application, you would be able to save your call bills; providing you with an opportunity to make free calls to your employees. You can make video calls through this application as well.