Cloud Computing in 2014

Trends of Cloud Computing in 2014

Cloud Computing

Almost 60% of the small to medium sized companies started using cloud computing technology this year. 2014 promises even bigger growth of cloud computing than the current year as all the cloud technologies are going to expand on the basis of infrastructure and software security too. This article contains the predicted trends of cloud computing in 2014.

Hybrid Clouds:

Many businesses will be encourages to adopt cloud based infrastructure because of the rise of hybrid clouds. Hybrid clouds are the architectures which combine the private cloud security with cost effective advantages of pubic clouds. A range of customizable solutions for IT decision makes will be opened up by the Hybrid clouds for all the businessmen.

Industrial Internet

Businessmen will look for industrial internet for starting transforming operations in 2014. The solutions comprising of big data analytics, intelligent machines and end user applications have started rolling out across all the major industries of the world. Cloud computing is going to have a major role to play for creating intelligent generation.

Powerful Web Apps:

Cloud computing offers the benefits of scalability and efficiency and therefore, businesses must use the cloud based applications. The web is going to be a massive platform for all the cloud based applications in 2014.

BYOD Movement:

BYOD movement is predicted to expand in 2014. More businessmen would prefer putting their data into cloud servers for streaming, storage and synchronization. This will help them in finding ways to use personal cloud services in business environments through strategies like Mobile Device Management.


PaaS will be adopted by more companies in upcoming years. The IT costs of the businesses will be lowered with the help of PaaS. It also helps the firms in speeding up their application development by using more efficient testing techniques.


Cloud computing will change the need of running high end graphic applications with a massive infrastructure of hardware. Technologies like AMD and NVIDIA will helps the end users in running graphical applications using HTML5 only.

Management in the Cloud:

With the help of cloud services, businesses get convenience, high power, redundancy and accessibility. Cloud based applications let the businesses rethink regarding their policies of security and privacy. You would need to look for identity management solutions in order to bring new measures of security to the cloud computing in upcoming years.


You are going to experience these cloud computing trends in 2014. Many businesses are going to come under the influence of cloud computing and it will expand like fire across all the massive industries of the world.