Cloud Computing – Innovative Applications of SaaS

Innovative Software Applications – Making Movement from Desktop to Cloud Easier

Adachi Cloud Computing

Most of us use web based applications for software use these days. Cloud is taking over the internet world because of the introduction of variant innovative SaaS applications, thus providing a great experience to the users.

Previously, we had to upgrade or install different software in our computers for every day use. These were mostly Windows based applications. However, these days, we can easily find all these applications through our web browsers. We can easily download them into our systems to use them.

Since cloud has been introduced, the way by which companies use software and consume it has been totally transformed and a completely different experience is offered to all users. A lot of applications have been introduced which have made the move to the cloud quite easier. This article contains information about some of the most innovative SaaS applications which are making the move easier.


Photoshop is worth $1000, but now with the availability of cloud, you can easily use software just similar to cloud called Aviary for editing your photos. You would not have to pay anything to use the Aviary as it is free. It contains almost the similar features of Photoshop and provides the best photo editing experience to the users.

Google Website Optimizer:

You can check out the performance of your website using Google website optimizer. You would not need having any software to install in your system to check out the website’s performance. All you need to do is to use Google website Optimizer, which has the power of increasing the conversion rates of your website up to 10%.

Sales Force:

This is a CRM pioneer which aids the sales team of a firm to manage their operations, opportunities, and deals. It is considered equivalent to because of its explicit features.


This is a pioneer of file sharing and uploading in cloud. Box is an innovative software application which has made it easy for the consumers and producers to upload, share, and edit any sort of file they want. Mobile clients of BlackBerry, Android and iPhone are also using this cloud based software application.


BigCommerce is a true cloud based application which has made it easy for businesses to sell their products online by attracting visitors. It incorporates the features of built in CRM, marketing tools, and user friendly content management system to make the selling process easy for businesses.

The scope of cloud computing is widening and more SaaS applications are coming into view to broaden its scope in the world of online businesses and marketing.