Cloud Computing Standardization

Cloud Computing Standardization- Get To Know About The Market Trends

The use of cloud computing by both the enterprise and personal users have increased thanks to the many features that it provides to the users such as the cost effectiveness, scalability and flexibility. The fame of the Cloud Computing has suffered a setback owing to the lack of knowledge and trust the cloud services have around the prospective clients.

Cause of lack of understanding

The major cause of the lack of knowledge about this system is because there is lack of transparency that is caused by the multi server approach, the creation of cloud platforms and the different choices and propositions that are put forward by the individual cloud providers makes the client confused in what they actually are agreeing to and signing up for.

It is also assumed that some of the businesses that benefit more from the cloud adoption consist of the same clients who do not want to take risk of being signed on the cloud services. It is quite easy that the businesses which are large can set up a cloud services for their own business and run it internally in their business as their budget allows them to set up such a dedicated system and engage with the third party providers to decide the results they want from their cloud services. The SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) are better informed of the merits and demerits of cloud computing however they necessarily do not have the budget to apply this system and hire a dedicated team of IT professionals for their business and mostly rely on the third party suppliers being aware of the risks but are unable to control the draw backs of the cloud.

Standardization: An answer to the problem

The answer to the problem of cloud computing may lie in the standardization, since it can give the customer the much needed transparency. This transparency means that the client have the choice of shopping between multiple providers and can easily judge their security levels, data handling, performance and service stability and can compare it with the other providers.

The standardization is aimed at building the client trust that the data is being handled with care and is legally stored. The policies implemented will inform the client the exact details of what he will avail from the cloud computing service provider when the client hands him the money. The standardization will also allow the cloud clients transparency when they are looking at other options.

Making the traspancies available to the clients increase the chances to trusting and shifting to the cloud computing giving them the control in choosing the provider and the type of privacy for their specific business type and its requirements.