Demanding Top-tier Quality Networking Services

Though many hardware manufacturers have done a good job of simplifying setup procedures, as well as providing guiding documents for users and consumers through installation processes, setting up an adequate network for your group of computers and devices, can be a pretty daunting task—especially if you’re not particularly fond of technology.

What do we mean here, by “adequate?”

Well, let’s start with security. Many surveys and studies have found that many consumer grade and small business owners and managers, surprisingly leave default settings and passwords in place, while operating their network and workgroup of computers and devices at full steam, leaving these small businesses and households open to various forms of crimes and attacks.

This may not seem like a big deal, but negligence such as this is the equivalent of leaving all of the doors and windows to your house open. Even if you’re home while these devices are turned on, you’re not always looking in each room, and having all of these open accesses can leave you open to various petty crimes.

In as much as we’re vigilant and protective of our homes and residences, we should take adequate precautions to our information technologies as well. This encompasses mobile phones, tablet computers, desktop computers, laptop computers, etc.

Cyber Security Is as Practical a Matter as Locking Your Front Door

In much the same way that truant teens cruise neighborhoods, just looking for trouble, so do hackers on the internet.

The problem with setting up a network with more than adequate security is that’s not as “common sense” and obvious as, say, closing and locking a front door. You have to be somewhat versed in the latest security holes and hacker traps. And unless this cyber security is your line of business, chances are, you’re not up to date on these things.

Many small business owners believe such support services are expensive, and really only necessary for big companies, where the risks are supposedly big. But small businesses, even mom and pop grocery stores—in this day and age—absolutely require more than adequate security when it comes to their networks, and their computers.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many solutions and offerings out there for the small business. Often times, what you have are software programs that really leave users to fend for themselves with. You have services out there that are more than adequate, but these are definitely services that only bigger companies can afford.

Adachi attempts to fill in this hole in the marketplace. We provide quality services to small and medium sized businesses, without leaving anything out. And we can do this, because we aren’t a huge company, with a lot of overhead. We can put our revenues toward improving our services, and adding value to our services, that the bigger companies out there, in this space, just can’t do.

To get a better idea of what we mean, check out our networking services page.