Did You Say Google Search Engine Is a Failure?

Google is the number one search engine, what do you look forward to when their apps fail? Is that a fluke or a simple mistake of poor planning and over excitement? Or was Google Reader’s demise a sign of things to come?

Google has now launched Google Keep, which is an app designed to keep notes. It is like a task list app on steroids. You can color code different types of notes and tasks. You can sync it with your PC so you have your reminders everywhere you need them. Many are wanting to know if it is worth even trying.

Needless to say that it is not a great app, but because Google gave Google Reader and then took it back. Now they have released an app with an uncanny name with such great timing, Google Keep, who is to say that it will not be demolished as well.

Google may have gotten a bit over confident in their success. They are reinventing the way we use computers. Apparently it has been determined that local disk drives are the source of all evil, or at least the source of many problems. So fixing local storage has brought about a radical and huge solution of putting it all in a cloud. That means whether you are using your PC at home or your tablet in Hong Kong you should be able to access your information as if it was stored within your fingertips.

Now this is an amazing vision and an absolutely mind blowing goal, yet if their simple apps are sputtering, how do you trust them to store all of your information on their cloud. Even though every company including Google has to get rid of things that do not meet expectations or the support numbers just are not there. What was the reasoning behind Google Reader?

Google Reader was a widely popular app. Why would they ditch an app that so many of their customers used? And if they are willing to just junk something that is so successful  on what seemed like a whim, why wouldn’t they decide the “cloud everything” project is either too much or it’s not the right time for it? There are many users who want to know about their other products that might be disappearing. Could Google docs be next? There are other options to use in place of Google Reader, as well as Google docs but does that mean they are allowing the competition to take their place?

Does Google know what they are doing in the platform world? This is going to be the question brought to light when Google starts making decisions. There will be many users unsure of using Google tools for fear of them not being there tomorrow.