From IT Virtualization to Cloud Computing- A Brief Discussion

Is Virtualization First Step Towards Cloud Computing?

Many agencies consider virtualization the very first step towards cloud computing. According to experts, if you carry out virtualization perfectly, then cloud computing would become much easier for you. On the other hand, if you create a mess out of virtualization, you would not be able to travel the distance to catch up with cloud computing too.

What virtualization actually does is that it reduces the amount of hardware from an organization and cut the cost of using more servers. In addition, IT virtualization may provide your organization with an opportunity to expand your organization’s IT department services to the rest of your agency.

How Do IT Virtualization Leads to Cloud?

More proficient infrastructure can be provided to an organization by replacing the multiple hardware system with a single server that can help the organization in carrying out various tasks at a time. Besides this advantage of reducing the number of machines, an organization finds it really easy to set up this system. Its management is also very easy to be handled too, thus making it user friendly.

With virtualization in its IT department, technical service providers do not have to invest time and energy in maintaining their hardware system; rather they can use the data to make right decisions for their organization.

When an organization has virtualization, it becomes quite easy for it to move to cloud as well. Agencies need to do a lot of work to move from virtualization to cloud servers. When an organization has virtualization in its system, it becomes able to meet its financial and operational requirements.

Virtualization requires to be worked upon efficiently by an organization to make a shift to the cloud possible. New tools and procedures would be required by the agency to make this shift possible. The companies must start using such technologies which help them to move between private and public cloud resources.

People and service providers also play a very important role to shift the agency from virtualization to cloud. A different set of skills is required by the service providers in order to make this move. The responsibilities of the service providers change as they now have to take care of different technical issues.

In order to make the business successful, organizations need to promote the advantages of virtualization to a great extent. Formal policies and procedures must be devised by the organizations for the success of technical working as the virtualization to cloud trajectory is very vital for an organization’s success.