Google Glass: A Futuristic Eyewear

Google Glass

:  A Futuristic Eyewear

Google Glass: A Futuristic Eyewear

This smart eye-wear has the ability to respond to voice commands which makes it a lot easier to use than the average devices available. This spectacular gadget will be a new and improved addition and will definitely change the perception of the public with its many distinct features, such as the viewing of your e-mails, keeping up with the news as they happen, viewing the maps, and much more. You can also give it a voice command to take a picture. It will eliminate the conventional way of using the smartphones and it’s already opening a new horizon.

In order to avoid any inconvenience from those early users of the Google glass to the general public, some rules should be followed: Firstly, the device should not be used where it is possible that it can cause unease to the people around you, mainly in the rest rooms or the locker areas. It can be a confusing situation for people to understand, and whether the camera is switched on or not, be polite while explaining.  Secondly, always try to give short commands to the Glass since it is awkward to narrate long sentences while walking. Use smartphones for sending emails since sending long mails with the Glass can cause you a lot of nuisance. Thirdly, avoid making calls on the Google Glass in the public since it is quite annoying for people around you, even to listen while talking on blue tooth will arouse some negative feelings for the Glass.

Etiquette to ensure mass acceptance

Have a sense of being responsible while taking photograph or while filming. Avoid things which should not be photographed or filmed and take photographs of people only with their consent. It is a natural habit of human beings to be attracted to any new device, so people may ask you a lot of questions while trying to inquire about the use of the Glass or the functions of the Google glass. Be patient and try to give satisfactory answers. People may also ask you if they can wear it – please let them have the experience since it will give a quick glance of the product and its features which in turn may prompt them to buy the glass. This will help in making the masses accept the new product.

Using this product wisely in the public and following the above etiquette will ensure the safe ways of the technology.