Hot, Fresh, and Totally Worth it

There are so many apps that you may never get to experience, however these are not the ones to miss out on. They are all brand new or at least recently updated and have been deemed awesome and useful. These are listed in no particular order but since they are only five, you should not experience any difficulty downloading them all.


If you like reading techie news, which you should if you want to be part of the cool kids with the latest apps, Press is truly a great way to stay connected. Press is a very simple and sleek design. Not a lot of little widgets and minimal color clashing so your eyes do not have to strain when reading more than one article in a row. Everything can be done with the natural swipe motion, if you want to go back a page you swipe left, and if you want to continue you swipe right, natural right? You can read off line if you choose as well.

Push Bullet

Ever need something from your computer to be on your Tablet or phone? Push Bullet makes it happen. You can send notes, lists, webpages, and even files to your mobile devices. Even if you have both tablet and phone or want to discuss the family budget with your spouse while you are in different locations, as long as you have Push Bullet app installed on both devices, you can send the file to both devices. You will get notification once your transfer has arrived. This increases productivity for most people who like to work while waiting.

Action Launcher

Action launcher changes your home screen and normal Android interface. It is made to make your device easier for your use. Swipe shortcuts and secondary swipe shortcuts, swipe up to get bookmarks, direct dials, or even a list of your top used apps. It depends on what you want it to do. One of the best things about Android is the flexibility and ease of customization. Make your home screen what you want it to be so it works for you.


Swap is exactly what it says it is. You get instant access to every app on your device. Scroll through your list of apps and jump from one app to another with ease. The app is free, which of course is a great reason to at least try it. It changes the way you interact with your device entirely.


Although this sounds like a simple clock, it is an absolute must have. You can customize the way it looks, as well as the feel of the clock. There are tons of useful functions surrounding the clock; unread Gmails, text messages, countdown to calendar events, and even missed calls.

Those are all fabulously functioning Android apps that serve a great purpose. They have had all of the kinks worked out of them and are worth a try.