Innovation Of The Future

Innovation Of The Future: What The Future Holds

The innovation in the computer industry and especially due the internet has caused a huge impact on our life and on the business industry. The thinking if the people have changed significantly due to the computer changes and has become a great asset to the businesses. The past decade has shown a remarkable progress and has included many different technologies such as the social networking, GPS, smart phones and a lot of other technologies. This is a big progress in the past decade alone.

It is the era of high speed knowledge sharing and it is done at a very fast speed. The innovation of the future are really interesting and are highly anticipated. The next decade will see a boom in the technology sector and the need of finding alternative energy resources are ever more increasing. There is a greater need to find the answers to these problems and fast.

A little list of what the innovations of the future hold for us is given below:

The Chemputer

Although, the idea is still in the conceptual stage however it is a really interesting idea. It works same as the 3D printer, which can make a digital model from a file that is stored in your computer and translate it in a physical object such as machine gun or the parts. The Chemputer will take the same concept however it will apply this concept to the molecular level and enable the printing of pharmaceuticals through a mixture of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These chemicals are the building blocks of most of the drugs,

Next-generation biofuels

The bio fuels of the world are being depleted and are becoming more expensive to extract it from the earth. The bio fuels are the answer to the problem and it is made from the biological matter such as the vegetable oils, animal fats and so on. The drawback of this innovation of the future is that it relies on the food hence causing a rise in the food prices.

A research is going on to make bio fuels that would be made from the non-edible sources such as corn stover, switch grass and miscanthus.


Grapheme is actually a thin layer of pure carbon which is 300 times stronger than steel but is light as a feather.  This technology is very beneficial to the space exploration and aviation having the qualities of being lightweight, flexible and durable.

Photovoltaic Glass

This innovation of the future is a highly durable energy efficient glass which will enable the glass to be used an integrated computer screen. This will be used on any glass surface, turning your home into a “smart home”. This glass can also be used to generate power.

DNA Data Storage

The innovation uses the DNA to store millions of gigabits of data. This is so high storage space that only one gram of DNA can store 2.2 million gigabits of information which is more than 450,000 DVDs worth of storage. This is the first step to bio-computing.

Driverless Cars

Drivng becomes tiring after some time, an answer to this is by the voice active computer which tells you the destination where you would like to go. You can sleep soundly as it would not require you to guide and you will arrive on your destination fresh and safe. This uses the GPS technology along with the laser sensors on the roof of the car.

Visual prosthesis (Bionic Eye)

This innovation focuses on enabling the blind or the people with very little eyesight to see properly. It uses the camera and complex software however it also needs precision such as in missile tracking technology to perfect it.

These innovation of the future will help in making a world that is much more technologically advanced solving many problems.