Internet Marketing: How to Avoid Penalties?

Google Penguin 2.0 Updates- Tips for Avoiding Penalties

Search Engine Optimization

With the introduction of Google Penguin 2.0 updates, many previous SEO techniques have stopped working now. If you want to avoid penalties, then you need to use the most effective search engine optimization tactics. This article discusses these three tactics which can help you in avoiding penalties while carrying out online marketing.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is used to communicate the recent information regarding your business to your customers and readers. Create compelling content and share it on all the social media platforms too. Also it would be good if you promote the content in the form of videos. You can also share your content in the form of slideshows too. Guest blog posting is another effective technique which can earn backlinks to your website. Interview posting and podcasts are other excellent ways which can help you out in successful content marketing.

Social Media Marketing

As the number of social media users is constantly increasing over a period of time; therefore, it has become quite easy for all the marketers to share and promote their content through social media platforms. People remain connected to social media networks for information, interest and enjoyment. Make sure that your content posses all these three things in order to attract a lot of customers all over the web. It is important to know that social media marketing is not only used for engaging people but it is also used to compel the people to vote and share the information that you provide. You can share the story of the success of your business in an attractive way to create a large number of followers.

Easy Navigation:

The SEO authority of a website is represented by its navigational structure. A well organized and well managed structure of website helps a visitor in navigating the website in an easy manner and it helps out the visitors in finding out what he is looking for. By creating an excellent structure for the users, you make your website SEO friendly. With the help of simple an easy navigation, the users are able to find the required sort of content. By brining effective changes in your website’s navigation, you are able to get a lot of SEO benefits from your website. Your website will be considered as of high quality when it incorporates the feature of easy structural navigation in it.

By adopting these three important SEO techniques, you can easily prevent yourself from the Google penalties and can rank your website at a good position in the search engines.