Introduction to Some Latest Android Applications

Android- Some Most Recent Applications for Following News

As Google Reader has been demolished by the Google authorities, Android has taken the place and has introduced some of the most recent applications for following news feed on their smart phones. This piece of writing is going to discuss the latest android applications which can provide you a complete access to RSS feeds and all kinds of other options available.

Recently Revealed Amazing Android Applications

Here are some most interesting and brilliant android innovations for all those people who love to read the recent news feeds:


Android has brought the application named Reader HD back with some newest features and properties. These brilliant features have made this application unique and quite amazing for all the news readers. Its best features incorporate its customization potential with the help of which users can easily customize the fonts, colours and other command options. It has an exceptional interface and is quite easily used by the users. In addition, this android application has in built application browser which can help you getting a quick access to your favourite RSS feed.


This recent android news following application is most liked by the users because of its brilliant and attractive interface. It fixes well in the Android mobile designs and gives out a very attractive outlook to the users. In addition, it is user-friendly and contains the most flexible scrolling features. You can easily scroll back and forward to read the desired article. Two widgets have been incorporated in this android app, which basically exhibit the number of read and unread items.


Feedly provides the best reading experience to all the android users. The best feature of this news reading android application is that it is free to use. Therefore, most of the android users prefer using this application on their smart phones. Plus, it has amazing customizable features like saving and sharing tools. Feedly keeps its users happy by providing the most frequent news updates to them. Feedly has been basically designed for medium sized android smart phones. It needs to be optimized for tablets and mobiles having big screens.

Are you surprised to know about the latest news reading android applications? The former two have to be purchased whereas feedly is free to use. So, enjoy the best news reading experience with these outstanding android apps. However, Android team is working hard to bring more innovations to optimize these applications to provide the users with the most brilliant news reading experience.