IT Virtualization – Functions and Classifications

By virtualization, computer is ready to perform different tasks at the same time. IT virtualization refers to those technologies which trick the operating systems and make them do different helpful things at a certain time. It works on the abstraction of the operating systems including the hardware and the software.

Virtualization actually divides the logical servers of the computing systems into different servers which allow the action of multiple tasks at the same time. Virtualization assists in working on each of the logical server separately to perform the particular task of that server.

Different Types of IT Virtualization:

Most small businesses make use of IT virtualization to maintain their business data and network operations. However, these days, most medium sized businesses are also found indulged in using this technology.

Virtualization varies with the objectives of the project. Businesses choose different types of IT virtualization depending on the type of business project they are working on. Here are different types of IT virtualization used by businesses:

  • Storage Virtualization makes it easier to store the hard drive in one consolidated place. This assists the administrator to work on all of the networks which are available at that time. The administrator observes all of the IT networks’ resources available, making them convenient for the business to manage its day to day tasks. Storage virtualization is commonly used by small businesses.
  • There is another kind named Network virtualization in which hardware and software are combined for transforming the traditional network into a virtual network. This is done within the IT infrastructure of the business. This way, the administrator divides the network into different channels and distributes them among all the bandwidths. This kind of virtualization helps in saving considerable time by streamlining the entire network of the business. With the help of network virtualization, the entire network can be easily seen by the administrator at a time.
  • Server virtualization is the most famous form of IT virtualization. This server basically divides the server into various kinds and then allocates different tasks to it by staying in separate spaces. This technique uses physical servers to produce virtual servers for performing different tasks. When different tasks will be performed by different servers at the same time, they will prevent cost overrun, time and power of the virtual machines. Servers are capable of performing different tasks along with the diagnosis and reparation of the computing issues.

It is found that most firms use IT virtualization by testing and developing different applications at first. Virtualization is basically evolved for software developers of the world who intend to do different tasks at the same time while keeping their streamlining maintained. All in all, virtualization makes computing system an ideal place to kick on tires.