Killer Mobile SEO Techniques in 2014

The Introduction of Mobile SEO Algorithm in Google

Mobile Marketing

The upcoming New Year is going to offer some excellent killer SEO techniques including the changes that will be made to the mobile SEO Algorithm in Google. In addition to this, some more changes to the sensitivity of algorithm will also be made to the site render speed on mobile devices. If you are a retail operator, then this information is particularly important for you.

What is Google Going to Do?

Google has been warning a lot of websites about the poor performance of their mobile websites. These poor performances may lead the firms in penalties in mobile SERPs. It has been said that the site speeding rank factor would be shifted towards mobile devices. All the users love to see the content of a mobile website uploaded or delivered within seconds.

Researchers have shown that the users shift towards other web pages if a mobile website slows down and take more time to open its content for the users. In order to provide the best user experience and keep the visitors involved, it would be good to render some content which is known as the above the folder content to the users in one seconds or less than that. However, the rest of the page may continue to load in the background. This above the fold HTML, JS and CSS is also termed as critical rendering path.

Google is likely to support for this goal for all the Smartphone searches to the ranking algorithm.

What are the Challenges to Improving the Mobile Website Speed?

These days, it is impossible for any site to achieve a sub second critical rendering path. There are a lot of reasons behind this. The main reason might be that the one second allocation may take up the negotiation with 3G connection and getting the circa 14K of data because of TCP congestion control.

In case, you are a retailer with excellent web presence, then you would be having a significant legacy investment too.

Mobile E-Commerce:

  • Get your constraints in serving a site to mobile device through 3G or 4G Networks.
  • Find out the solution. A lot of valid schools of thoughts might help you here but would be good to take the mobile approach i.e. responsive design approach.
  • Now schedule it. You will be getting the results within 12 months from the scratch point.

The value of Mobile Ecommerce has greatly increased over a period of time and it seems that a lot more innovations are going to be introduced in the near future.