Latest Android Applications- Some Brilliant Apps to Download

Latest Free Downloadable Android Apps

Android has been releasing a large number of applications lately. It’s always difficult to identify the best one out of these as all of them are great and have excellent use. This piece of writing contains a brief discussion of a few latest android applications which are worth downloading for free.

Clean Master:

By installing this application, you can make your mobile phone run faster and smoother. This app deletes the entire undesirable stuff from the device and makes it fast to work. Besides removing the residual files and caches, it also creates backups and other files for your stuff. It helps the user to stop the running apps, thus providing a great boost up for performance. When all the running tasks are killed and all the unused files are removed, your device gets a better working life and its battery timings increase. Download this wonderful app if your device is loaded with hundreds of useless files.

Naked Browser:

The best thing about this browser is that it provides a very clean interface to the user. The user can easily surf through different websites and can experience efficient browsing. You are not going to see any add during browsing as this is the explicit feature of naked browser. It lets you browse faster which is why you can easily use more data.

Swipe Dialler:

With Swipe Dialler in your mobile device, you can easily dial your contacts in a very easy manner. It provides an exceptional interface to the user and provides a very clean look to the dialler interface. Download this free android application today to get the best dialling interface in your mobile device.

App Launcher +

If you have hundreds of apps in your Smartphone and you find it difficult to launch one, then this application is definitely made for you! This application categorizes all the applications and software and let you find them easily at the time of need. It is an alternative application launcher. You can browse and categorize all the apps of your Smartphone with the help of this excellent android app.

Notification Shortcuts:

You can launch your favourite app instantly by installing this application in your Smartphone. With this app in your phone, you can put your favourites in the notification drawer and have them at any instant you want.

Besides these, there are hundreds of android applications which are launched every now and then by the application developers. Download these exceptionally great android apps in your Smartphones and enjoy their brilliant features to have a great user experience!