Latest Best Android Applications

Latest Best Android Applications

Latest Best Android Applications

Are you a massive Android applications fan? If yes, then this piece of writing will definitely amaze you. Let’s have a look at some major and the newest android applications for all android lovers!

Sketchbook Inc:

This application was previously designed for iPad users. However, recently, this application has been added in Android Tablets as well. With explicit features, this application enables the android artists to draw attractive and creative images on the tablets. It offers touch screen painting and drawing to the users as well. Several other options have been incorporated into the application which enable the users to export these images to other places to work as well.

Pac Man Tournaments:

It is great news for all the game lovers that the most loved game of old times has also been incorporated into Android tablets as well. Pac-Man also blends the original arcade game along with the entire tournament as well. It can be played for free, whereas, you can play online tournaments by buying tokens as well.

Art Hunter:

This application has been chosen from National Galleries of Scotland. With this application in your Android device, you will be able to experience the best digital experience of seeing the museums and galleries of the country. You are going to love the big images with high resolution and perfect audio.

Rosetta Course:

It is an excellent Android application, basically designed for the people who love to learn different languages. By using this application, the users are able to modify and improve their linguistic skills without using their computers. It is a perfect language learning software.

Fotor – Photo Effect Studio:

Comprising the most professional features, Fotor is the best Android application for people who love to add new touch to their photos. This software enables the user to capture the most captivating and sharp images by using unique and brilliant features of cropping and tilting. Users can totally rely on this explicit software to get the most desirable results.

Burn Note:

If you want to maintain a good security on your phone, then Burn Note is the best application for the purpose. This is a free application which empties all the texts from your device and prevents the recipient from taking snapshots of the messages sent by you. Thus, protecting you from any kind of inconvenience regarding.


Kytetime Easy Parental Control:

This is an excellent Android application which works out perfectly for the parents to prevent their child from misusing their Android device. For example, it switches off the Facebook and other messaging applications when the child is in school; thus, helping out the parents in protecting their child from misusing the device at the times of study.

Besides these, various other Android applications have been introduced in the market by technology experts. More work is being done on designing helpful applications for the users. With these applications in your Android device, you will be able to learn and enjoy your life in the most amazing manner ever.