Link Building Guidelines

Building Links in Post Penguin World

Search Engine Optimization

Link building procedures has been going through a lot of transformations over a period of time. Most of the SEO professionals work with the links yet the success of the link building procedures are not predetermined. As link building is one of the most important factors for SEO; therefore, Google has released Penguin 2.0 updates regarding its use. The penguin update mainly emphasize on the manipulation of link building tactics, anchor texts and other factors including backlinking patterns. Here’s to how you can create successful links according to the Penguin updates.

Take Stock of Links:

The first important thing is to dump all the bad quality content which is present on your website. In case, you don’t know what low quality content is, then you need to view the lowest view pages by going to the Google analytics account. After reviewing this content, then you must make the decision of posting the content on your website. Take the stock of all the content which is uploaded on your website and on the third party websites as guest posts, article directories and other article websites. If you find any of the links questionable, then remove them from your stock.

Post The Content on the Demand of Audience:

Post such content which serves the need of your audience. Carry out considerable research on keywords and then post the content which is most relevant to the keyword which is searched by the audience at the most. Therefore, it is very important that you produce such content which is right according to the demand of audiences.

Get a mix of Anchor Text:

You must strive hard to find the most relevant host blogs which are famous and popular among the web audience. Produce an excellent content on these blogs and include your author bio with a link back to your website. It would be better to derive certain variations of anchor text according to the latest post Panda updates. Include variations of author bio with a balance of anchor texts for every blog post.

Content and Link Management:

Management of links and content is the most important part of business SEO. Therefore, it is very important that you maintain your focus on creation of content which gains value and promote your content on social media. Make use of link management tools so that you could keep a good track of your anchor texts for effectual link management.

Keep these updates in your consideration while you are carrying out the procedures of link building for your business website.