Marketing to the Market

Businesses are always looking for ways to spread their name and preferably at a low cost. SEO and social media have given everyone more of an equal opportunity to market. All of the same tools are available to everyone that the marketing competition has gotten fierce in ways of how to be better and where to market.  Blogs have proven to be a very effective form of content marketing.

Blogs are low cost if any cost at all. There is no secret remedy to making your blog number one. There are tips and tricks to making your blog a success and there are a few things to focus on when creating your business blog.


Planning seems like a natural first step but surprisingly many people forget it. Plan what you are going to tell people and when. You probably already have goals, you just need to align your marketing with them. While you are planning, try to make sure you consider the following: You need to let the people know who you are and what you are about. Even if you have been marketing for a while, you can always do this. You need to let your clients know what the different aspects of your products or services are. You need to let people know what you stand for. And most importantly, you need to show off your uniqueness. Why should consumers buy from you? Why should they choose you over anyone else?

After the initial plan is laid out of what the big goals are, you should have regular planning meetings to be sure you are on track. How much effort should you be making at each marker? What are the specifics you are aiming to achieve at this point?


Content marketing is aimed at two sets of people: Those who are involved in your company and need to be involved with what is going on with your company and those that you are trying to obtain as customers or retain as customers. What your stakeholders and customers need to know will remain one of your driving content pieces.

Blog Content marketing is easy, yet complex. Once you learn the ins and outs of this type of marketing,  you will find it to be incredibly effective and relatively simple in most ways.


When you take into consideration the goals you are trying to reach, specific sales numbers or number of new viewers each quarter, then add into the equation the audience you are speaking to; then you have to come up with clever content to keep them coming back for more. Your content needs to be rich in keywords for your SEO as well as interesting for your audience. If they are not reading something they enjoy, they will find something they do which may not be your post.

Plan your goals, plan to re-plan along the way, consider your audience, make it good.