Mobile Developer Tools – Some New Updates of Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media network on the Internet. Every now and then we observe new and advanced outlook of Facebook which incorporates different applications and updates. Recently, a few more additions have been made in the functioning of Facebook. These updates are considered to be loved by Facebook users on the overall basis. Let’s have a look at the latest updates of the most popular social media network.

Three latest updates for Mobile Development tools for Facebook:

  1. API features have been introduced by the authorities which enable the visibility of open Facebook graphs on the mobile applications in a clear manner. Previously, the opening of graphs used to be a bit messy, but with the introduction of this application, you can easily integrate new Open Graphs in your Mobiles. This update has been designed for both mobile as well as for the web pages. In addition, a new Object Browser has been introduced which enables you to share the contents in a more integrated manner. You can generate content and easily share it on the social media network.
  2. Another application named Native Share Dialog has also been introduced. Its function is to provide a solid support to the content which you generate. Facebook has offered a share function which enables you to directly share whatever you want. You are not required to login to your Facebook to share the content. This share application helps in sharing the content whenever you require through your mobile phone.
  3. Facebook has introduced faster logins for their users. Now, the performance of the logins will be greatly improved by using this update. This new dialog will help in the login of Facebook 20% faster than before; making its use way too convenient for the users. Previously, some work needed to be done on the dialogs to improve the performance of the logins, but with the availability of these dialogs, the performance will be greatly enhanced to a great extent. The update has been specifically designed for android users. So, they must expect this explicit change soon.

These latest additions will definitely enhance the performance of Facebook to a great extent. The amount of Facebook users is expected to increase over a period of time because of the development of these applications. It is worth mentioning that the aforementioned apps are not specifically designed for mobile tool development; rather all web users will also observe this change in the overall usage of Facebook over a period of time.

Facebook developers are expecting these applications to be loved by Facebook users. They are working as hard as they can to keep Facebook applications updated. This is yet another way for Facebook to improve its user base and credibility on the Internet.