Mobile Website Development for Androids

How Do Website Developers Develop Websites for Androids?

Androids carry along a lot of tools and options for development which is why; it is very daunting to understand the process of mobile website development for androids. However, this article is going to discuss the basic process of android website development and how these developers carry out the entire work.

Basically, two different kinds of mobile websites are created; native app development and android applications development. Developers have to decide if they are going to work on the former or the later one. We are going to discuss native app development of androids in this very article.

Creating Native Android Websites:

The basic thing which requires to be known for the creation of native android applications is that you need to work with JavaScript. In case if it scares you or you are not familiar with it, then you can totally switch towards application development as it does not require any such skills of programming by the user.

There are some specific requirements of the operating systems without which these applications would not be able to develop. In a crux, your operating system must comprise of Windows 7, XP or Vista. It must have Linux system working in it along with Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later. These are some basic prerequisites of native application development for androids.

In order to work in Java, you will have to install the entire Java Kit in your system. Install Java Development Kit in order to work out the entire program. In addition, you will require installing Eclipse IDE in your computer as well.

The most important thing is that you will require a lot of space in your hard drive for this entire work. If you would not be having enough space, it would become difficult for you to install all these important software for the creation of android application development.

After installing the prerequisites, you will need to install Android software development kit (SDK) in your operating system. Once you have downloaded the file, run it in your system and the kit will automatically work out for you. Let all the components download which will enable you to debug your applications and export them to the mobile website users.

A lot of tools are available in the kit for the creation of different kinds of applications and programs for androids. You can install few of the components and can download some at later time.

Besides this process, you can also take help from Google for creating some exceptional android websites and applications.