Necessity of Anti-virus Protection

Why is Antivirus Protection Important?

There are many benefits of anti-virus protection as even most of the savvy users have a high risk of downloading some form of malware or becoming the victim of identity-stealing scam just be getting online. To understand the importance of anti-virus programs, we should know the consequences of not having anti-virus software.  Below are some points which will make you realize the necessity of a top-quality anti-virus protection for your computer:

Protection against Viruses

Viruses are most common computer attackers and can cause a fair amount of damage to PCs working. They can simply be transmitted by the downloading of some questionable files which can be presented through email scam or phishing websites.

You may think that you are wise enough not to download any corrupt or unintended files, hackers are creating trickier viruses which can be in a form of a bogus anti-virus software or an email which apparently seems to be sent from a friend, that friend was unknowing and an unwilling sender though. Similarly, it can be an email from an institution which you are directly affiliated to so to cut the long chase short many people have been tricked into allowing viruses to access their PCs who considered themselves as tech savvy.

Viruses can affect your computer in many ways from the slowness of the processing system to a major physical damage which can cost you thousands in computer-replacement or lose important files and photos. The best anti-virus software can prevent 99.99 percent of known viruses.

Protection from Spyware and Identity Theft

Spyware is specifically designed software that infects your computer on spy on you. What it will do is steal your personal information like data, passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers etc. While you’re making a transaction it can also record in real time and can transfer your very personal information to its designer – somewhere in a remote location. These hackers will use your personal information to make bank transactions or purchase things online which will cause you a major money loss. The best anti-virus protection will thwart spyware.

Protection from Spam

You’re bombarded with unwanted emails and ads that you have no interest in whatsoever. The reason behind this is the presence of virus in your computer. Since anti-virus protection software prevents the viruses, it will drastically reduce the amount of spam. There are many anti-virus protection applications while the best ones will protect you completely from viruses, spyware and spam.