Network Solutions Guide

Network Solutions: A Guide To Setting Up The RouterNetwork Solutions Guide

The connections to the internet have become easier and widespread with the help of routers. The connection of the router with your computer can be performed very easily by following the instruction given in the CD along with the router, this guide provides you with the configurations as how to setup the Wi-Fi such as the SSID, security key and encryption. Having a complicated security key with the solid encryption provides you with the satisfaction, knowing that your wireless connection is being secured and protected from unauthorized usage. There is always a chance that your wireless connection maybe used secretly, hence, to ensure that your network is free from unauthorized access you should resort to the network monitoring tools that provide you with the required network solutions. The network monitoring tips maybe hard to understand but there is a good chance that you may have had some installed in your computer.

Setting up the router

The first step to follow is that whether your computer is capable to access and monitor the wireless network. There are a number of routers that are quite accessible all you have to do is to type the URL in the web browser. After that you are asked to enter a username or a password, correct details should be entered. A reset is required if you forget a username or password, you may be required to consult a router’s user manual if the local address does not work. Interfaces of different routers may vary however you should find the monitoring features to provide you network solutions since it shows you the statistics of the router. This section may have a button where the clients are visible who are connected to your network. A simple click directs you to the page from where you can view what devices are accessing your network and you may be some additional details being displayed there of the devices connected.

A router provides you with what computers are connected to your router ,however the exact detail of what the computer are exactly doing is possible by the use of the programs that run in the background who monitors the wireless activities providing you the much needed network solutions. The task manager has the capability to go as far as to check only the network activity of your own system. The other third-party tools are required to monitor the whole of the network. In case you want to inquire if there is unauthorized access on your network you can do so by checking virus scanner or the internet security suite. Some security applications provide you wireless network monitors to ensure that malware does not spread across the network.

These network solutions may provide you with the security that is required to ensure safe network.