Online Marketing – Importance and Usage of Google+

How does Google+ Work for You?

Online Marketing

Facebook is considered to be one of the massively utilized social media networks in 2013. However, most of the social media marketing experts predict that it is really a matter of time when the entire focus of the online marketers will shift from Facebook to some other media platform. Most of them are already saying that Google+ would be the favorite because of its enhancing features and applications.

Although Google+ is very much different from that of Facebook, yet its features of liking, sharing and scrolling make it more intimidating than Facebook; thus making it the most commonly used social media network in the coming years. Here are three useful ways Google+ can work well for you in a beneficial way:

Value of Embedded Links

By adding or embedding links in your Google+ account, you can surely add a lot of value to your links. Your links will be worth weight in gold if you put them in your Google account. They help in generating the full URL into click-able links in a clean way. These links help in the amplification of a post, increasing the amount of clicks done on the link of a webpage. This is how you can easily bring a lot of customers to your website.

Title Tags:

The status you post in Google+ gets ingrained in the title tags. It is important for you to know that the title tags are associated with the click-through rates and rankings of a website. Therefore, it is very important that you choose the most important words to incorporate into the beginning of the post as these are the words which are going to be viewed by the readers.


Google+ has a lot of privacy and editing options as compared to all the other social media networks. You can easily edit or delete a post. In addition, you can link to the post, lock it or you may disable the comments on your post. As social media networks are consistently changing over a period of time; therefore, the users require a lot of options for getting access to updating and changing their media platforms.

Google+ is surely going to give you an excellent head start if you decide to choose it for social media marketing because of the integration of all the aforementioned features into it. Experts predict Google+ to be the next most used social media platform on the web. The features and applications developed by Google are making Google+ famous among all the internet users all over the globe.