Optimizing your Webpage Using SEO Techniques

SEO: Enhancing Your Webpage’s Performance

You ought to know how search engines work in order to improve a Web page’s position in a SERP. Search Engine categorizes Web Pages on the basis of keywords. Keywords are key terms relevant to the content of the web page.

Several Search Engine Optimization Tactics:

Search Engines use computer programs like spiders and crawlers to search and analyze a webpage. Terms that appear often are indexed while these programs go through individual pages. So using the keywords in the right place is important for the spider to analyze that the page is about that certain topic.

Here are some things about keyword placement which should be kept in mind:

  • One place where the keyword is a must is the title of the Web Page. Choosing the right title is important.
  • Headers are used if web page has many sections. Keywords can be included in these headers in order to secure a good SEO rating.
  • SEO experts recommend using the Keywords throughout the web page. This can lead to the overuse of the keyword. Using multiple keywords came in handy at that time. The spider will flag your web page as spam if you are using a keyword too many times. It’s because of keyword stuffing, a Black Hat Technique.


When generating SERPs, not only keywords are taken into consideration but link analysis is used by many automated search engines to determine the quality of the web page. The search engine looks to see how many other web pages link to the page with the question. This is known as link analysis.

If there are many other web pages linking to your web page the search engine will automatically give a higher rank to your web page. Search Engines like Google will give you a higher rank if the linking pages have a good rating. Thus, having a linkage page with rank higher will directly boost your page’s rank more than lesser-ranked pages.

A question arises here which is how do we get sites to link to our page? That requires some techniques. First of all, make sure your web page is the destination people want to link to. Then you may offer link exchanges with other web pages covering your content. Please note that you can’t just offer link exchanges with any site. Only relevant sites with good rating should be preferred. If you try using many irrelevant links the search engine will think you’re trying to cheat and rightly so.