Make money with the Easy way!

The AdachiCompuTech Affiliate Program is for individuals and companies that are highly interested in earning steady commissions by using their websites, web-logs, e-mail newsletter distribution, e-zines, google ads, and other electronic marketing media to offer their subscribers the AdachiCompuTech Instant Remote Online and Live Telephone Tech Support Services.

The AdachiCompuTech PC Support Services have several options that you can choose from to offer your customers: Our subscription plans range from Monthly Support Basic, Monthly Support Pro, Monthly Support Plus to Annual Support Basic, Annual Support Pro, and Annual Support Plus. Our One-Time PC Fixes range from Virus Removal, Spyware Removal, PC Tune-Up, to Software Installation, Wireless Security Setup, and Wireless LAN Setup.

Reasons to Join Us:

  • Earning potentials are huge: Our support services are value-based offerings. We believe that the more of these you choose and the more traffic generated from your site, the greater your potentials to earn commissions.
  • Unlimited product|service categories: As you join the AdachiCompuTech Affiliate Program, you will notice that we have a broad range of support offerings that will give you access to unlimited choices.
  • Service Availability: Our support experts are available online to provide PC tech support assistance that is second to none! Our services are fast, secure, and guaranteed to your customer’s satisfaction.