Protection for Your Windows

Windows 8 upgrade has actually gone fairly smoothly, yet there is so much vulnerability still there. It may seem too much to ask for the best of both worlds in many situations but this is not one of them. You can have a great operating system as well as a free antivirus software that works amazing.  Here are just a few totally free antivirus programs that work with Windows 8, and offers you great protection.

AVG Antivirus 2013

This system protects against viruses as well as Malware. There is a proven powerful performance in detecting and disabling Malware. This program consists of fabulous features such as Smart Scan, Advisor, as well as fast scanning. You can customize the security, so you have control over what your system allows and does not allow. And one of its best features, it never expires.

Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware

Malware is constantly a problem. One of the best tools, in terms of effectiveness in protecting your Windows 8 device from Malware is in fact Malwarebytes. The scans are fast and easy. You can use Malwarebytes for thirty days for free. There are tools and features that allow you flexibility and control of your system. There is a pro version that has exceptional performance and great value.

PC Tools Free Antivirus

This antivirus software was unique in the ways that it allows you to have a custom scan as well as the usual full scan. The protection against viruses is pretty impressive; however it does not have any defense against spyware, which is a problem.  You also cannot go to the main site to download the free version, you have to do some digging. If you stumble upon it, then it is worth a shot, however it is not full protection.

Avast Free Antivirus 7

This is one of the more professional looking free antivirus software programs. It is sleek and easy to configure. The download is free, yet you still have to register it. Windows 8 fully supports Avast! So it works out great. There is quick scan as well as many features, such as remote assistance, automatic sandbox, all make Avast one of the best options.

Zone Alarm Free Antivirus + firewall

This particular antivirus software is more for the type who like to be in control of their systems. It is also being loaded with 5GB of storage online, which is pretty cool coming from an antivirus/firewall company. Zone Alarm is the only software to give you both antivirus and firewall protection for Windows 8.


One of the most common downloaded antivirus software programs, Avira.  It comes with password protection, advanced options, and even cool looking interface. One downfall of this program is that it wants to set up their search engine as your home page and add a toolbar. Toolbars can slow your browser dramatically.

All of those software programs have been tested and are compatible with Windows 8. Depending on what you prefer can make one choice better than another.