Recent Android Applications

Latest Android Applications This Week

Let’s have a look at the most recent android apps! This article contains a brief introduction to the latest applications and games which have recently been introduced by android application developers. Here goes the recent android selection of this week!

Clash of Clans:

Now you can enjoy Clash of Clans on your Android device. This is a free game which is surely going to give exceptional gaming experience. It includes building a village and an army. Create your army, send it for attacks and prepare them for defending your village. Enjoy this game by downloading in your Android device!

Microsoft Remote Desktop:

With this amazing application in your mobile device, you can log into your Windows computer through your phone. With more updates coming on its way, this application has started getting some very positive reviews from its users. Download this free android app today!


Although Twitter has been an android for a long time, yet you can now download its updated version which has specially been designed for bigger screens! This redesigned free version of Twitter will run on the Samsung and Galaxy tablets. Experts say that a wider unlimited version will be there in a short period of time!

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

The topic of Android security is on the heat these days. If you are concerned with the security of your Android device, then you must rely on this latest android malware application. You can download this free android application today to assure the safety of your Android device.

Mercury Browser:

Mercury is the latest internet browser for Android devices. Considering privacy and super fast performance, this free browser is surely going to offer you an exceptional surfing experience. It has the features of Gestural control, previewing tabs and easy history clearing.

Champ Man:

The latest version of this game is free to play on all Android devices. This game offers similar football management containing 21 players and playable leagues of the world.

HMV Music:

Using this free application, you can buy your own catalogue of MP3 music. The application mainly focuses on downloading of songs. You can scan the album covers and identify the music playing in the world. Get this amazing free android application today!


This is an amazing free but an official android application of Evo magazine. The work of this application is to provide you with a mixture of motoring news, reviews of new cars, features and performances of the cars.

Get these amazing free android applications and enjoy an excellent Android user experience for free!