Search Engine Optimization- The Importance of Page Ranks

What Makes Your Website’s Ranking So Important?

Most of the web developers have a misconception that the more articles they post in search engines; the higher will be their rankings in the search engines, which is not true at all! Search engine optimization must be carried out effectively by considering all the important factors that would enhance the rankings of your webpage in the search engines.

If you submit your website in a lot of search engines and still you do not see your webpage on the first two pages of Google, then it is assured that the technique which you are using is not working at all. What would happen if you submit your website in a lot of search engines but you still do not see your name in the top rankings? This article would discuss the significance of search engine rankings for a website.

Significance of Your Website’s Rankings in the Search Engines:

When you will utilize the wrong techniques of search engine marketing by submitting your website in a lot of search engines, then you would not be able to achieve high rankings. According to the conducted researches, it has been proved that visitors do not like surfing through the third page of Google. They stay on the first two pages for their search. If your website would be there on the third page of search engines, then it would do no good to you, ultimately your website would end up with zero visitors.

You need to find out how to achieve higher rankings in the search engines. First of all, you need to use those search engine marketing tactics which would bring your website on the first page of Google search engines. Secondly, you have to invest your time in monitoring the performance of your website because they websites take considerable time in attaining the required position in the search engines. Sometimes, the changes are too abrupt; whereas sometimes they take a lot of time.

Search engines are the major traffic generators for any website. According to a survey conducted previously, it was found that 88% of the visitors visit a webpage through search engines. This clearly shows how much importance search engine rankings possess.

The main search engines which must be the focus of a web developer are Yahoo, Google and Bing. These three search engines are more frequently used by the visitors for finding a solution to their query.

In short, your webmaster must be aware of the importance of search engine rankings for the success of your website. Higher rankings, more visitors; lower rankings, no visitors!