Search Engine Optimization: Types of Link Building

Understanding of Three Different Types of Link Building

Link building is the most crucial component of search engine optimization. If you are a beginner in the field of link building, then you need to understand three basic types of link building. All kinds of link building strategies are winded up in three basic categories which will be discussed in this piece of writing.

Link Creation:

This is considered the easiest but the most dangerous kind of link building. Link creation is just a creation of links for your website’s popularity. This is helpful for search engine optimization, but this process alone does not earn you much benefits. However, strategies like article creation, social profiles, social blogging, forum commenting and blog commenting must be done along link creation if you want to get great benefits out of your link building campaign.

This link building strategy must only be used when essentially required.

Link Request:

Link requesting is the most difficult kind of link building. It is considered very valuable because it requires a lot of effort by you. You have to invest considerable time and energy in this process as compared to your competitors. This way, you get a competition advantage over your competitors working out in the field. This type of link building provides quicker results to you as compared to other link creation tactics. Link reclamation, broken link building and competitive link building are three different kinds of link requesting techniques.

This type of link building is very time consuming; however, it assists you in achieving a good ranking in the search engines.

Link Attraction:

This tactic is one of the easiest and safest kinds of link building. This is done by creating an excellent quality content for your website. This work can also be done in the form of blog posts. The posts must be such that people naturally want to link to your website and read it. This kind of link building campaign includes writing funny blogs, archives, whitepapers, videos, eBooks, Info graphics etc.

When an amazing content is produced, it will work out for your website for a lot of upcoming years. Although content creation takes some time on your part, yet it maximizes the quality of your website for a longer time period. You can attract millions of people by producing exceptionally well written content and placing your links in these posts.

Your link building strategy can be put together by binding these three types of link building strategies. Choose the right link building strategy based on your website’s requirement in order to optimize it in the best manner possible.