Security for Your World

Everything is contained right there in the little device you hold in your hand, usually a phone sometimes a tablet. Either way so much of your life is stored on the cloud services you connect to through your devices, doesn’t that need security?

Chances are if they offer protection for your PC, they probably have a mobile version available as well. Maybe not always but usually! So if you have an antivirus that you like from your PC, you can check to see if they have a version available for your Android, iPhone, or Blackberry smartphone as well.

Avast Mobile Security

This is truly one of the coolest forms of protection! It comes with features such as Remote Lock, Call Blocker, Sim Card Guardian, and Find Phone. It also offers backup protection. Some of the most raved about features include; firewall so thieves cannot get inside your device, you can make security apps invisible so hackers will have an even more difficult time of cracking it, URLs get pre-scanned for Malware. And not to mention the very powerful anti-theft feature.

Dr. Web Anti-Virus Light

This version of anti-virus software focuses strictly on antivirus only. It acts in real time and monitors files. Dr. Web gives you a detailed performance report. It does not have any effect on the battery or the operating system itself. This anti-virus scans everything on your device, whether hidden or not. If there is something detected, it can be deleted or quarantined depending on the severity of the detection. The alerts are also very easy to understand which are not always the case.

AVG Antivirus

AVG is actually a well known software. With its app protection it also comes with a variety of features such as; phone locator, app locker, and backup. Spyware, adware,  and virus protection that are incredibly easy to use. AVG also identifies unsecure device settings. Phishing is no longer an issue when AVG is installed as well. AVG has a simple look, which makes it more appealing to those who do not want to be techie.

Lookout Security and Antivirus

Lookout is the oldest antivirus, and not to mention the most popular, especially for Android Apps. It pre-scans every app before downloading it to your device. Lookout uses Google Maps to help locate your phone. You can restore and backup files. This is one of the simplest forms of Antivirus.

NetQin Security and Antivirus 

NetQin is a complete solution. NetQin Security and Antivirus literally protect your Android powered device from Malware, spyware, and viruses. This software is installed with complete protection. Backup contacts and restore facility, one touch optimization, and lost phone locator. NetQin is a security program, antivirus software, and helps your device perform better.