SEO and WordPress- Some Common Mistakes

SEO Mistakes to Be Avoided In WordPress

Google algorithms show its favoritism towards the content which is published through WordPress. Most of the web experts are of the opinion that WordPress has been especially set up for search engine optimization. However, if you want to publish your content through WordPress, then you need to avoid certain SEO mistakes. This article discusses the SEO mistakes which web masters usually do during the WordPress SEO.

Non Provision of XML Sitemap:

Sitemap is one of the most efficient ways of telling Google about the existence of your website. Google does not discover the web pages on its own. These are the site maps which carry out the work for Google. Most of the people do not provide sitemaps to Google and thus they are ignored by the Google to be indexed in the search engines. You can create these sitemaps manually too. Don’t forget to provide the XML sitemaps if you want your web page to get listed and indexed in the search engines.

Tags and Categories:

There are few WordPress users who do not categorize their content and do not use tags too. However, it is important to know that these two tasks play a significant role in the visibility of your contents in the search engines. There must be no poor categorization of the content. Make sure that you have placed your content in just the right category and have used tags to target a targeted audience towards your webpage.


For those who do not know, canonicalization is the process of choosing the right URL for directing it to your home page. Among the entire set of URL, you must select out the best URL which refers to your home page. Most of the people are not even aware of this term. However, it greatly boosts up the WordPress SEO process. You can get a complete guide of this process on Google.

Google+ Authorship:

Most of the WordPress users do not optimize for the Google+ authorship. You must get a verification of your Google+ authorship in order to publish an authorized content. Although the process is a bit complicated, yet you can invest some time for the WordPress optimization.

Non- Optimization of Posts:

This mistake is related to the SERP’s of your website. Optimization of WordPress posts leads you to have increased click rates, which in turn creates a great impact on your website visibility in the search engines.

Let’s admit! We don’t learn until we don’t carry out few mistakes. The above mentioned SEO mistakes in WordPress are surely going to be beneficial for your WordPress optimization processes.