SEO: Drawbacks of Using Automation Tools

Why should SEO Experts Avoid Using Automation Tools?

A lot of SEO experts prefer working out with automation SEO tools. Most of the SEO experts suggest avoiding using these tools as they are considered bad for a business. It is suggested to use manual SEO techniques in order to improve the rankings of a website on the web. Manual SEO practices are considered much better and effective as compared to the perilous SEO automation tools.

There are a lot of disadvantages of using these tools for carrying out search engine optimization practices. This article contains some most prominent drawbacks which are caused by the use of SEO automation tools.

Some Major Disadvantages of SEO Automation Tools:

If you are using automation tools for your website’s content, then you can update or modify your content with its features. It does not provide any option for updating the content present on your website. It only suggests you making certain changes and that too, you have to carry out manually. However, there are some tools which completely alter the content of your webpage.

When a SEO webmaster uses automation tools for checking out the working of his website, the website is likely to slow down its performance. These tools cause your website to slow down, thus putting you in great disadvantage. So, it would be better avoid using these tools for checking out your website’s working.

Link building is the most important part of any SEO campaign. By using automation tools for your website’s optimization, you deteriorate the quality of links that are created and generated on your website. Links are considered the most important element of any website; therefore, it is important that you give great personal attention to their quality. SEO automation tools will reduce their worth and will reduce the optimization of your website.

In addition to these drawbacks, Google search engines do not allow the use of these automation tools for the optimization of any website. Google authorities have strictly banned the use of these tools because they consider it as illegal and unethical. Only those websites are ranked by the search engines which are optimized manually by the webmasters.

Search engines have set various rules for social bookmarking. When you use automation SEO tools for social bookmarking, it means that you are overlooking these rules. In addition, search engines do not allow indexing of articles which are created using these automation SEO tools.

Because of all the above described reasons, you must avoid using SEO automation tools and must prefer applying manual SEO techniques by devising useful SEO strategies for your online business.