SEO- Some SEO Analytics Android Applications

Latest SEO Android Applications found in Google Play

Out of millions of applications designed for iPhones and Smartphones, there are some which only perform much better in android devices. This article contains information regarding some latest android applications which can help an SEO expert out in taking great care of his website’s performance.

Dragon Go:

It is a free android application especially designed to place in competition with iPhone’s dictation applications. Now, you don’t have to get jealous from your friends using certain applications in their iPhones. You can use this dictation software for free for accomplishing various tasks.

Marketing Plans:

When you enter in the world of online marketing, you have got to learn various methods and techniques for carrying the search engine optimization processes. In order to get the basic info and knowledge regarding SEO, you can take aid of this android application. It provides significant SEO information to the users and also provides you with an opportunity to chat with the experts through chat option incorporated in this application.

Event Brite:

In case you are hosting a crucial event, then this application would help you out in getting to know where your customers are coming from. You can get reports and manage registration processes on your android device using this effectual application.

Google Drive:

Most of the people who use Google regularly are aware of the use of Google Drive too. In case you don’t know about, Google drive helps you to place all of your files and folder at the same place and let you use these files anytime you require.

Web Rank SEO:

This effective android application is considered the best to be used by various SEO experts. You can check the rankings of your website by using this application. In addition, you can check the page views, likings, backlinks and ranking of your website in Google and other search engines. You can also check the performance of your website on social media networks by using this great application on your mobile device.


This is a great android SEO application which performs all those functions which are performed by Google Analytics. The difference between both of them is that this android application is available to the users in quite easy and understandable format.


This android application is considered to be must-have by the business owners. With the help of this android app, you are able to get to know about the position of your website in the search engines. Also, you can check out the status of your website on other social media networks too. This is the top most advised app which must be downloaded by the SEO experts and business owners in order to keep an eye on their marketing campaigns.