SEO Strategies to Avoid

Search Engine Marketing Tactics That Can Hurt Your Search Engine Rankings

There is so much information available on SEO that it becomes difficult for SEO experts to think what to do and what not to do. There are a lot of SEO experts who sell their content regarding SEO tactics on the web. It is also important to know that these SEO tactics might be damaging to the online businesses.

Several SEO mistakes are carried out by SEO experts while doing the optimization work. These mistakes must be avoided in order to optimize your website in the most efficient manner.

Purchasing Links:

There are a lot of such websites who convince people to drive links of other sites to theirs. However, they do not know that link buying is one of the biggest mistakes which are done by them. Google algorithms possess the ability of detecting whether you have gained the links through white hat tactics or you have purchased them. If Google finds out that you have got paid links, then it might ban your website.

Irrelevant Content:

These days, Google Analytics consider content quality for ranking the websites in the search engines. The mistake which is done by most of the SEO experts is that they publish irrelevant content on their webpage and focus solely on the length and keyword stuffing. They must know that it is the quality of the content that matters and not the content length and keyword density. Although keywords are important components, yet they must be integrated in a sufficient and limited manner. Integrate quality content which contains the most informative information in it and visitors are able to find their problem’s solution in it.

Spam Comments:

Most of the website owners make the mistake of having spam comments on their blogs. Blog commenting is basically used to link a website to your webpage. However, most of the companies get paid to comment on the blogs and place spam links in the comments section. When Google analytics gets to know that the links are linked to poor quality content and are spammed, then your website might get banned too. It reduces the search engine rankings to a great extent.

Anchor Text Links Overloading:

Anchor text link is the text or a phrase which is hyperlinked by the link of your website. It takes the visitor to your webpage. Most of the webmasters used to build a lot of such links with specific keyword phrases in them. This mistake must not be made. Instead, webmasters must produce anchor links in such a keyword ratio that appears to be normal.

These are some most common SEO mistakes which need to be avoided on the part of the webmasters.