What Does Server Virtualization Do For You?


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Server Virtualization: A Great Cost Saving In IT Services


Server virtualization uses the cloud technology which is used to house two or more cloud-based servers on a single server. A good point is that it can be implemented on a public cloud model which means the third party provider of IT infrastructure gives support to the service cloud or a private cloud model, in which the hardware that gives support to the cloud is located and managed onsite. In any of the above cases the companies receive a great number of benefits from the virtualization of servers.


 A decrease in equipment cost

The main benefit that you can avail by the server virtualization is that the hardware decreases the need of buying the hardware. Big companies can avail great cost savings since they frequently need to replace the hardware and by doing so the hardware cost savings can reach a whopping six-figure mark annually. With the use of proper equipment, a consolidation ratio of 15:1 is achievable. Another positive point is that you can sell the hardware equipment that you no longer need to buy the used infotech equipment which generates enough funds to help offset the cost of the changeover.


Reduces the Maintenance costs

The server virtualization means that you have to maintain lesser infotech equipment which means that you have to spend less money for the IT infrastructure support. Companies achieve this simply by consolidating the multiple pieces of hardware in one unit which reduces the time spent on the hardware maintenance. This reduces the billable hours significantly so that you have to spend less on bill when you give to the IT infrastructure services. Performing maintenance in-house reduces the number of technicians that are required to perform it.


Data Recovery is simple

Since the software supports the virtual servers which means that accessing the required data is easy even if the hardware fails and you have to retrieve it from the physical server. Since the business data is the most valuable asset in the company so this data recovery advantage of the cloud computing is one which cannot be overlooked.


Decrease in energy expenses

With the use of hardware virtualization you can decrease the energy usage. Servers have fans, micro processors, keyword connections and other features which needs power which are consolidated in to fewer units. This reduces the energy expenses and the hardware avails the long term benefits. This energy efficiency saves your company a lot on the utility costs.


The server virtualization provides many benefits which includes reduces maintenance costs, simplified data recovery and one of the biggest would be the reduced energy consumption. Data stored through the virtualization is easy to retrieve even in the case of a failure of the server.