Antivirus & Anti-virus Support

Computer viruses are fast becoming more sophisticated and the most challenged cyber malware threat to computer security. With the popularity of the Internet and the steady adoption of “Always-On” broadband connectivity, some kind of virus or malicious program may have hitched a ride, only to lurk with evil intent on your computer.

Antivirus Support powered by AdachiCompuTech

With virus removal support from the security experts at AdachiCompuTech, you can now browse the Internet, open email attachments, and download your favorite songs – all with ease, knowing that the pros are just a mouse-click away from helping you defend your system!

Defend your computer from cyber threats and have security experts remove viruses from the system whenever needed, with the Award winning 24/7 computer support from AdachiCompuTech for one low price. You can choose a computer support plan that best suits your immediate need, starting at just $179.95 a year. That’s a one full year of unlimited support for the price of 1 incident! Call AdachiCompuTech 24/7 and give our expert techs access to your computer via remote connectivity to have your antivirus software suite installed & configured; driver updates applied; start-up errors repaired; viruses-Trojans-spyware removed remotely. Our computer support experts are available online 24/7 to assist you..

AdachiCompuTech’s Annual Unlimited PC Support includes:

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to online support experts
  • Unlimited Live Phone Support to answer questions you may have
  • Unlimited Equipment Purchasing Support whenever you need it
  • Technical Assessment
  • Resolving software-startup errors
  • Applying “Windows Updates” regularly
  • Applying recommended “Security Patches” to secure your system
  • Virus-Trojan-Spyware Removal Support
  • Anti-Virus-Spyware Definition Updates
  • System Performance Optimization

Support fees (Choose a Subscription plan by selecting from the drop down menu):

PC Support Plans

Need assistance purchasing this service, please call 1.866.607.2321 (908-315-9574) or chat with one of our online tech support specialists to get started!

One-Time PC Fixes

Need an instant help for a computer problem? One-Time PC fixes are just what you need right now. If you just need an instant help with virus removal, spyware removal, software installation and set-up for your printer and/or other devices, PC Tune-Up, and more. These One-time PC Fixes start at just $45.95 Chat with a support expert to get started or call us now at 1.866.607.2321

Minimum system requirements:

Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista/7 Operating Systems, and a high-speed internet connection.